Rock River Water Treatment Plant

The Town of Rock River selected DOWL to assist with an analysis of options and ultimately an upgrade to their existing microfiltration membrane plant. The microfiltration plant was not able to remove organic constituents as previously configured, and the plant was in violation of the disinfection by-products rule because of high total organic carbon (TOC) levels at the membrane outlet. DOWL proposed an improvement to the plant and piloted a process of coagulation and direct membrane filtration with no settling or clarification required. This process, a state-of-the-art system in membrane filtration with rising adoption rates globally, had not yet been used in Wyoming. 3D modeling was used to confirm that installation in the existing facility could be completed without piping conflicts.

The project generally consisted of the addition of a coagulant chemical injection system, replacement of the existing pre-filter screen with two new 200 micron self-cleaning pre-filter screens, installation of a new coagulant metering pump, new acid metering pump, 2,200-gallon pressure tank, caustic metering pump, gas chlorination system, three turbidity meters and one UV254 analyzer, upgrades to the existing PLC/SCADA controls system, replacement of existing membrane modules with new Siemens/Memcor M10C membrane modules; and air compressor replacement.


Rock River, Wyoming


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Town of Rock River






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