Valley Road Lift Station

DOWL assisted with site selection, preliminary concept drawings, flow planning and analysis, final piping and site design, mechanical design, electrical and controls design, and permitting for the largest lift station in the City of Reno. We worked with the City and stakeholders to design the lift station to accommodate wastewater with higher than normal odor concerns, large size/high flows, and the ability for future expansions. We developed an odor and corrosion control system using cutting-edge technology and designed the project to keep all equipment underground or behind view-obstructing walls and solar panels for neighborhood aesthetic value.

The expansion of the City’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the lift station was developed with the consideration that the City would soon be redesigning its entire system. This meant the team had to find a control schema capable of compatibility with a future, unknown system and integrator.

DOWL developed a lower cost alternative to installing a new large-diameter interceptor on the north side of the collection system, estimated to cost tens of millions of dollars, which saved rate payers millions of dollars at a time when the City lacked sewer funds. The project also allowed for development to proceed in key areas of Reno.


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