Planes, Trains, Trails, and Automobiles

Transportation projects are becoming more complex as agencies face competing priorities and increased public pressure to resolve congestion, improve multi-modal connections, and deliver projects faster, even in the face of increasing regulatory requirements. Projects are being required to meet a broader spectrum of demands, including the need to balance safety and life cycle costs while complementing the communities they serve.

From air to rails, and road to trails, DOWL has a long history of helping communities effectively solve transportation challenges. We would be pleased to put our services and expertise to work on your next project.

Practice Lead

Steve Noble, PE, PTOE


Sub Practice Areas

Engineer Sidewalk Crosswalk

Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

Our transportation planners identify creative solutions to address your most critical safety, connectivity, operational, and accessibility needs. Working in tandem with our traffic engineers, our team develops improvement alternatives that enhance roadway safety and operation, address short-term traffic concerns, and meet long-term goals.

List of Services
  • Transportation planning
    • Alternatives analysis and screening
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plans
    • Bicycle and pedestrian planning
    • Corridor preservation
    • Corridor studies, sub-area studies, and statewide planning
    • Data analytics and visualization
    • Facility plans and asset management
    • Freight management plans
    • Long-range planning studies
    • Master planning
    • Metropolitan transportation plans
    • Needs assessments
    • Performance management
    • Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) studies
    • Policy analysis and development
    • Public, agency, and stakeholder involvement
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Rural/tribal transportation planning
    • Transportation finance
  • Traffic engineering
    • Access management and permitting
    • Bicycle and pedestrian analysis
    • Origin-destination studies
    • Parking demand and circulation
    • Signal design
    • Signal warrants, timing, and coordination
    • Traffic calming
    • Traffic control plans
    • Traffic data collection
    • Traffic impact studies and trip generation
    • Traffic simulation operational analyses
    • Traffic safety assessments
    • Travel demand management and forecast modeling
    • Travel time analysis
  • Right-of-Way, including temporary construction permits/easements and public use easements
Team Lead
Dave Simmons, PE


Traffic Stop Sign Roadway

Transportation Engineering

DOWL has practical experience and proven creativity in developing cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet today's demands for moving people and goods, while minimizing impacts on the environment. Each project is unique, and we use our experience to provide sensible solutions for a diverse range of transportation modalities. From planning through construction, we offer a full range of services to successfully deliver your transportation project.

List of Services
  • Roadway design, including urban, rural, municipal, state, and private
  • Plans, including typical sections, details, plan and profile, grading, signing and striping, traffic control, illumination design and layout, and erosion and sediment control
  • Pedestrian and multi-modal design, including paths, trails, and ADA facilities
  • Construction specifications and estimates
  • Quantity calculations
  • Design study reports
  • Alignment study reports
  • Design and construction, including new roadways, rehabilitation, and reconstruction
Team Lead
Jeff Bernardo, PE


Airport Runway

Aviation Planning and Design

Our aviation project capabilities range from funding and preliminary planning for existing airports to construction of new airports. Our clients include municipal/general aviation airports, small and medium hub airports, airlines, and airport tenants. We offer a full range of planning, design, and construction services to make project coordination efficient and cost-effective.

List of Services
  • Airfield design
  • Airport electrical lighting/guidance signs
  • Airside/landside drainage design
  • Construction inspection/observation
  • Airport layout plans and master plans
  • Siting studies
  • Grant preparation/project funding
  • Airport security systems
  • Terminal planning
  • Hangars
  • Topographic and aeronautical surveys/AGIS
  • Business/strategic planning
  • Aviation system plans
  • FAA Part 139 compliance
  • TSA Part 1542 compliance
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs
  • Fuel systems
  • Automated Weather Observing Systems siting studies
  • Passenger facility charge applications
  • Snow removal equipment buildings
Team Lead
Ken Nichols, CM