When You Want it Done Right

Have a construction project you need managed? Need to know if the materials, process, or quality is being maintained on your project? Want to build something, but not sure which foundation type to use? The project management, owner’s representative, construction administration, geosciences, and materials testing and inspection professionals at DOWL can help with any or all phases of the project process.

Practice Lead

Kendall Gee, PMP


Sub Practice Areas

Construction Administration

Building a quality project safely, on schedule, and within budget is the common goal of the owner, engineer, and contractor. Like other project phases, construction requires a team effort of skilled individuals working together toward the desired outcome. Whether your project needs full-service construction administration, or requires specialized expertise to finish the job, our qualified team can assist you in meeting your goals.

List of Services
  • Pre-construction phase
    • Plan and specification review
    • Element and stage-specific constructability review
    • Critical path schedules
    • Construction cost estimating and value engineering
    • Bid letting
  • Construction phase
    • Contract management
    • Contract administration
    • Change order processing
    • Construction testing
    • Pay application recommendations
    • Inspection/observations
    • Surveying
  • Post-construction phase
    • Project closeout
    • Warranty phase management
    • As-built documentation
  • In-service bridge inspection
  • Routine, fracture critical, and in-depth inspections
  • Emergency inspections
  • Confined space access
  • Strategic assessment management planning
Team Lead
Eric Voorhees, PE



Design and construction of buildings, utilities, bridges, roads, and dams requires a thorough understanding of soil, rock, and groundwater conditions. Our geosciences professionals use soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and soils engineering to solve practical problems related to facilities comprised of, supported by, or supporting soils and rock. Drawing on the expertise of our geotechnical and geological professionals, we can assist in evaluating subsurface conditions and their impacts for any project.

List of Services
  • Computer modeling
  • Construction inspection
  • Earth-retaining structures
  • Foundation recommendation and analysis
  • Geohazard evaluation
  • Geotechnical laboratory
  • In-situ testing and performance monitoring
  • Pavement design and subgrade evaluation
  • Seismic design and analysis
  • Slope evaluation and stabilization
  • Subsurface exploration
Ferry Street Bridge Inspection

In-Service Inspection

Assisting owners with evaluating in-service structures for the safety of the public is a service DOWL excels at. Our team of experienced and certified engineers and technicians can help you determine the condition and capacity of a wide range of structures, including bridges, docks, walls, sign supports, and reservoirs, to name a few.

List of Services
  • In-service structural inspection
  • Load rating
  • Seismic evaluation
  • Infrastructure inventory and assessment for bridges, culverts, walls, tanks, and marine structures
  • Strategic bridge program planning for capital improvement programs
  • Emergency, special, and detailed inspections, including fracture-critical, timber evaluation, and fatigue-prone
Team Lead
Jason Kelly, PE


Project Management and Owner's Representation

Our project management and owner's representation services are solely focused on you—the owner. We work closely with our owner-clients to assemble the right team and then engage them at the right times during the project. We act as an extension of your business, looking out for your best interests in all phases of your project, from start to finish.

List of Services
  • Project delivery strategic planning, including design-bid-build, design-build, general contractor/construction manager (GC/CM), and construction management-at-risk (CMAR)
  • Architectural/engineering selection and contract negotiations
  • Construction bid/Request for Proposal packages
  • Construction cost estimating and value engineering
  • Funding request package preparation
  • Master project schedule and budget development
  • Design phase management
  • Contracting for all project phases
  • Construction management
  • Web-based project/construction management systems
  • Invoice and pay application review
  • Closeout documentation
Team Lead
Kendall Gee, PMP