Shiloh Conservation Area

The west end of Billings, Montana is rapidly transitioning from agriculture to residential and commercial developments. This urban development has the potential to increase and accelerate runoff and flush pollutants into the Yellowstone River. The need for flood control measures for this area has also been the subject of multiple studies. The City of Billings desired a cost-effective solution to these problems that could be accomplished in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way. The Shiloh Conservation Area (SCA), located on the west end of the City of Billings, transformed an undeveloped 66-acre site into a conservation area that provides water quality treatment, stormwater detention, and recreational opportunities.

The SCA project is a cost-effective solution that balances the objectives of water quality improvement and flood control while also providing recreational and educational benefits to the community. The site consists of two sedimentation ponds, a series of seven treatment wetland cells, two wet detention ponds with wetland fringe areas, and a third pond at the end of the treatment chain which is stocked by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to provide an urban fishery. The existing riparian wetland of Hogan’s Slough is also restored to enhance its natural function. SCA also includes a nearly two-mile-long trail system with a series of interpretive signs, viewing platforms, and a shelter structure. The trail system directly connects into the Billings Heritage Trail System providing access throughout the community.

Winner of the Billings Engineering Club Project of the Year, ACEC Water and Wastewater Project of the Year, and Rocky Mountain Chapter of the APWA Project of the Year.


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