Whittier Street Reconstruction

This project secured Juneau’s position as a welcoming capital city by benefitting what was arguably the flagship structure for the Arts District: the newly constructed $140 million State Library, Archives, and Museum building (SLAM). Whittier Street’s utilities and pedestrian accommodations dated back to 1973, and the road took a beating during SLAM construction. DOWL’s design included improved pedestrian access, traffic calming, and efficient pedestrian scale LED lighting all while honoring the intent of community planning efforts. Kirk Duncan is the Parks and Recreation Director with two facilities in the area. He complimented the project saying, “The improvements to Whittier Street are a great addition to the neighborhood and improve access to both facilities. The new street lighting is extremely attractive and effective. The overall look of the street adds to the entire area. The design is awesome… Well done to all concerned.”

“The overall look of the street adds to the entire area. The design is awesome... Well done to all concerned," Kirk Duncan


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