Cheyenne Regional Airport Compliance Planning

The Cheyenne Regional Airport chose DOWL to provide Parts 139 and 1542 security compliance planning services in early 2019. DOWL is assisting the airport with revisions to the Airport Certification Manual due to a change in class of airport, including training, record keeping, and authoring a new Airport Security Program to meet Category III Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements. DOWL staff serve as an extension of airport staff, coordinating directly with stakeholders, employees and tenants, including the Wyoming Air National Guard, city, county, Federal Aviation Administration, and TSA. DOWL has also provided the airport with recommendations and assistance in procuring security technology to meet requirements for vetting, recordkeeping, and access control. The DOWL aviation staff includes former Part 139 airport managers and operations superintendents who are actively engaged with organizations such as American Association of Airport Executives and the National Safe Skies Alliance.


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