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Six new owners join DOWL’s ranks

DOWL is proud to be a company where many of its leaders are shareholders in the firm. This year, we are excited to announce six new owners, each of whom has distinguished themselves as experts in their field and passionate contributors to our company’s long-term success.

We are fortunate to have this outstanding group of professionals serving as stewards of the company, helping us serve our clients, and creating opportunities for growth and prosperity well into the future.

Pictured above, from left to right in alphabetical order:

Jim Albin, PE

Jim is a civil engineer in the Bend, Oregon, office. He has more than two decades of experience in project management, field investigations, design, construction management/inspection, and early in his career, asphalt paving. With public- and private-sector experience, Jim is a well-rounded engineer and construction manager. Jim loves fly fishing and has a hidden talent for catching Whitefish on the Crooked River North of Bend. Jim didn’t reach his childhood dream of becoming a pitcher for Major League Baseball, but he still loves watching the game and roots for the San Francisco Giants.

Joshua Carter, PE

Josh is a water resources engineer from the Billings, Montana, office in DOWL’s dam and irrigation sub-practice area. His specialties include hydraulic and hydrologic analyses, design, and construction administration. He also has extensive materials testing expertise. Water is his specialty, and on his days off he loves the frozen kind, especially if it’s in powder form on the slopes. He says he’s lost some of the talent part of his hidden talents, but he was a cello player and made it to brown-belt in taekwondo.

LaQuita Chmielowski, PE, LEED AP

LaQuita is a senior land use planning manager in the Anchorage office. She is a licensed civil engineer with 19 years of experience as a planner and civil engineer in Alaska. Her work includes public involvement, planning, code analysis and feasibility studies, site grading and drainage, water and wastewater systems, roadway design, and permitting for municipal, commercial, and military facilities. LaQuita loves all things outdoors, but a hidden talent is singing — she even won a Karaoke contest once!

Doug Fischer, PE

Doug is a Senior Transportation Engineer from our Bozeman, Montana, office with years of experience in design and preliminary engineering projects. He brings a combination of practical knowledge and A to Z roadway project experience, from planning and engineering, to construction administration and everything in between. Hard work doesn’t scare Doug; as a child, his dream was to be a lumberjack because he “loved cutting and chopping wood.” These days his favorite thing to do is spend time camping with his wife and daughter, whose little hugs give him energy.

Emily Peterson

Emily is an Environmental Manager from Helena, Montana. She has more than 16 years of experience providing environmental analysis, planning, and permitting services for several departments of transportation, federal agencies, state and local governments, tribal governments, and private companies. For fun, Emily loves doing anything active—rock climbing, skateboarding, alpine skiing, whitewater rafting, fly fishing… This list goes on and on. As a child, Emily loved to read and write poetry, plays, and stories, and she had a quiet aspiration of becoming an author.

Rachel Steer

As DOWL’s Chief Administrative Officer in the Anchorage, Alaska office, Rachel’s duties are simply too numerous to name, although a few include board of directors’ liaison, facilities management, administrative staff coordination, business planning, and much more. Rachel also is the public involvement lead for several Alaska transportation projects. For fun, she enjoys Alaska’s mountains and waterways, running, biking, boating, fishing, and skiing. Rachel is a two-time winter Olympian who competed in biathlon, a sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. If Rachel isn’t at work, you can still find her enjoying the outdoors, but these days at a slightly different pace given she and her husband (also an Olympian) have two small children to chase.