The company charter

What we want - Meeting community design challenges in safe and extraordinary ways.

What drives us - Positively shaping our world with exemplary professional service.

What we believe - Honesty and quality work build successful relationships.

Commitment to our people

Stability - When people join DOWL, they do so with the knowledge they are joining a stable, people-oriented company.

Vision - We are committed to planned growth.

Purpose - We are part of a noble profession that believes the work we do helps people and communities.

Fair compensation - Our goal is to provide above average compensation in all our major employment categories.

Upward mobility - Our employees have the opportunity to be upwardly mobile through mentoring, in-house training, on-the-job training and our tuition reimbursement program.

Success - Building a company in support of our Charter is a constant challenge - and the key to our success.

Who We Are

DOWL and OBEC are multi-disciplined consulting firms owned by senior managers from within the company. We have provided civil engineering and related services for more than 50 years. The combined firms maintain in-house expertise in environmental and land development; bridge, structural, and marine; water/water resources; transportation; civil engineering; and geo-construction.

DOWL and OBEC are nearly 500 employees strong, and haves a solid western U.S. regional presence with 27 offices spread throughout Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.


At DOWL an outstanding safety and health record is paramount. This means strict regulatory compliance and developing our own best practices to enhance our performance. The core elements of our successful safety and health strategies are:

  • Leadership at the top
  • Confidence on the part of all employees
  • Creating and implementing a safety and health management system
  • Monitoring performance regularly
  • Ownership of safety and health by all employees
  • Accountability at all levels of our organization
  • Open sharing of knowledge and information


DOWL's EMR and incident rate continues to be low - and in the safety business that's a good thing. However, until there are zero incidents, we'll never be satisfied. That's why we continually work to improve our health and safety program.