By Service

DOWL provides a host of clients with the following:


Environmental: Biological Services, National Environmental Policy Act, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act Support, Environmental Studies and Consultation, Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Planning, Environmental Permitting and Wetlands.

Cultural Resources Management: Permitting and Compliance Support, Archival Research, Predictive Modeling, Cultural Resource Surveys and Inventories, Archaeological Testing and Site Assessment, Artifact Analysis, Artifact Curation, Laboratory Analysis, Data Recovery, Determinations of Eligibility, National Register of Historic Places/National Historic Landmark Nominations, Cultural Resource Mitigation Planning and Implementation, Tribal Consultation, Agency Coordination, Cultural Resources/Historic Property Management Plans, Programmatic Agreements, Memoranda of Agreement/Understanding, Oral Histories and Ethnographic Studies, Interpretive Planning, Traditional Cultural Property Studies, Construction Monitoring.

Land Development: Planning Studies (Site Selection Studies, Snow Management Assessments, Comprehensive Plans, Master Development Plans, Commercial/Mixed-Use, Recreation/Institutional), Platting, Land Use Entitlements and Site Planning.

Land Survey: Boundary Surveying, Topographic Surveying Control Surveys, GPS Surveys, Aerial Mapping, Aeronautical Surveys, LiDAR Mapping, Platting and Plat Drafting, Utility Surveys, As-Built Surveys, ALTA Surveys and Construction Staking.

Landscape Architecture: Site and Master Plans, Construction Documents, Streetscapes, Transportation Corridors and Facilities, Institutional Campuses, Urban Design, Parks and Recreation, Reclamation, Stream Restoration and Commercial Development.

Right-of-Way: Appraisals, Appraisal Review, Real Property Acquisition, Residential Relocation, Business Relocation, Site and Route Feasibility/Cost, Studies, Mining Title Research, Property Title Research, Project and Parcel Cost Estimates, Property Management, Permitting, Right of Entry, Right of Way Project Management and Interagency Negotiations.

Geographic Information Systems: Routing Alternatives Analysis, Irrigation Facilities Mapping, Wetlands Delineation, Environmental Impact Analysis, Drainage Basin Analysis, Floodplain and Flood Inundation Mapping, Irrigated Lands Delineation and Mapping, Cartographic Map Production, Geodatabase Development and Maintenance, Viewshed Analysis and Raster Data Processing, Integration of ArcGIS with AutoCAD and GPS Data; WaterCAD, Flow 2D, HEC-GeoRAS Hydraulic Modeling Software, Maptitude Software in Conjunction with TransCAD Transportation Modeling Software, Metadata Development and Maintenance Using Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Standards.


Civil Engineering: Plans for Site Demolition, Layout, Grading and Drainage, Design of Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drains, Snow Storage Facility Design, Trench Drains and Foundation Drains Design, Site ADA Accessibility Design, Asphalt Pavement Design, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Grading Permit Application Packages, Site Construction Cost Estimates, Dewatering Plans and Permit Applications, Modular Block Retaining Wall Design, Site Selection Evaluation and Site Fire Protection Design (including Access and Hydrant Layout, Drainage Investigations, Utility Coordination, Building and Driveway Permitting Services.)


Water Supply and Wastewater: Capital Improvement Plans, Combined Sewer Separation, Conventional Water/Wastewater Treatment, Disinfection Byproducts Treatment, Drainage Systems, Facility Plans, Grant Applications, Groundwater Development, Lift Stations, Master Plans, Membrane Water/Wastewater Treatment Design, Operation and Maintenance, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Operator Training, Pump Stations, Raw Water Intakes, Sewer Collection Systems, Three-dimensional Facility Modeling and Design, Treated Water Storage, Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation, UV Disinfection, Wastewater Characterization, Wastewater Process Models, Water Quality Treatment, Water Reuse, Water Transmission and Distribution Systems, Well Design.

Dams and Irrigation: 2D Inundation Modeling, Breach Analyses, Canal Inspections, Condition Assessments, Construction Administration, Cost Estimating, Embankment/Drain Design, Emergency Action Plan Development, Environmental Studies, Field Surveys and Investigations, Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping and Development, Geologic/Geotechnical Investigations, Hazard Classification, Historic Research of Water Rights, Hydrological Studies, Initial Fill Plans, Inspections and Dam Reviews, Irrigation Systems, Materials Testing, Monitoring Systems and Plans, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Outlet Works Design, Rehabilitation Priority Ranking/Design, Risk Evaluation/Prioritization, Spillway Design, Structural Evaluations, Water Availability Analysis, Water Development Plans, Water Rights Abstracts, Water Rights Objections, Water Rights Permit Applications.

Drainage and River Systems: Aerial Photo Mapping of Channel Migration, Bank Stabilization/Erosion Protection, Bridge Opening Hydraulics, Constructed Fish Barriers, Construction Administration and Inspection, Floodplain Delineation Studies, Floodplain Permitting, Flow Measurement, Environmental Permitting, Fish Ladders, Fish Passage Analysis, Highway Drainage Design, Hydraulic Modeling, Modeling, and Structure Evaluation, Fish Screen Design, Geotechnical Analysis, Habitat Assessment/Restoration, Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis, Instream Structure Design, Mobility Analysis, Precipitation Analyses, Reference Reach Identification, Restoration Monitoring, Sediment Transport Analyses, Storm Drainage Planning and Design, Stormwater Criteria Manuals, Stormwater Treatment and Management, Stream Classification, Stream Condition Assessment, Stream Diversion Improvements, Stream Morphology Assessments, Stream Rehabilitation/Restoration, Wetland Design.


Transportation Engineering: Roadway Design (Urban, Rural, Municipal, State and Private), Plans (Typical Sections, Details, Plan and Profile, Grading, Signing and Striping, Traffic Control, Illumination Design and Layout, Erosion and Sediment Control), Pedestrian Facility Design, Construction Specifications and Estimates, Quantity Calculations, Design Study Reports, Alignment Study Reports, Design and Construction (New Roadways, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction) and ROW (Temporary Construction Permits/Easements and Public Use Easements).

Traffic Engineering: Intersection Design (Unsignalized and Signalized), Data Collection and Analysis, Urban and Rural Traffic Counts (Pneumatic Tubes, Video Counters, Radar Counters and Board Counters), 24 Hour Spot Speed Studies, Vehicle Sight Distance Measurements, Vehicle Classification Studies, Data Analysis Tools (Synchro 7 and Sim Traffic, Traffix SIDRA Intersection v4.0 TransCAD and Highway Capacity Software), Engineering Services Regional Transportation Plans, Community and Neighborhood Master Plans, Traffic Calming Improvement Plans and Design, Intersection and Corridor Safety Audits, Smart Street Design, Road Diets, Traffic Impact and Access Alternative Analysis, Mitigation Design, Pedestrian Studies and Safe Routes to School.

Transportation Planning: Corridor Studies, Sub-area Studies (Bridges, Bypass Routes), Statewide Planning (Rest Area Programs, ADA), Regional Transportation Plans, Long Range Transportation Plans, Planning and Environmental Linkage Studies, Feasibility Studies, Alternatives Analyses, Needs Assessments, Goals and Visioning, Policy Development, and Public, Stakeholder, and Agency Involvement.

Aviation Planning: Master Plans, Aviation System Plans, Land Use Studies, Safety Management Systems, Capital Improvement Plans, and Equipment Acquisition.

Airport Design: Airfield Design (Runways, Taxiways, Apron, Airfield lighting, NavAids, Signage), Pavement Management, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs, and Buildings (Snow Removal Equipment, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, Hangars, Terminals).


Bridge: Concrete, Steel, and Timber Structures; Signature Pedestrian Bridges, Historic Bridge Rehabilitations.

Structural: Water Tanks, Reservoirs, Retaining Walls, Dams, Tunnels, Vaults.

Marine: Ports, Harbors, Docks.


Project Management and Construction Administration: Land Use Planning/Permitting, Develop Schedule/Budget, Funding Request Packages, A/E Section and Contract Negotiations, Design Phase Management, A/E Invoicing and Deliverable Review, Construction Cost Estimating/Value Engineering, Construction Bid/RFP Package, Contractor Selection Management, Construction Monitoring, Contractor Schedule Review, Design Team Visits and Quality Assurance, Construction Meetings, Pay Application, PA Review, Pay Certification, Submittal and DCVR Coordination, Change Order Negotiation and Closeout Documentation.

Geotechnical Engineering: Subsurface Investigations, Recommendations for Foundation Design, Recommendations for Pile Foundation Design, Recommendations for Design in Permafrost, Earthfill Dams, Retaining Walls, Slope Evaluation, Static and Dynamic Slope Stability Analyses, Landslide Stabilization, Erosion Control, Groundwater Modeling, Well Design/Development, Aquifer Characterization, Hydrology and Hydraulics and Thermal Modeling.

Testing and Inspection Services:

Materials Testing: Soil Compaction and Concrete Field and Laboratory Testing, Masonry Field and Laboratory Testing, Asphalt Field and Laboratory Testing, Suitability and Aggregate Quality Testing and Geotechnical Testing.

Specialty Testing: Polystyrene Testing, Caulking Testing, Chloride Testing, Coefficient of Friction, Rock Freeze/Thaw and Wet/Dry, Masonry Freeze/Thaw, Alkali-Silica Reaction.

Special Inspection: Steel Welding and NDT Examinations, Soils, Pile Foundations, Wood, Coatings, Pre/Post Stress Tendons, Masonry, Concrete Construction, High Strength Bolts, Wall Panels and Veneers, Pier Foundations, Racks and Shelving, Exterior Finish Systems, Architectural Components, Drilled-In Concrete Anchors, Spray-Applied Fireproofing, Electrical/Mechanical Seismic, Anchoring Systems, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems and Play Ground Equipment.

Other Services: Floor Flatness, Reinforcement Location in Concrete, Concrete Mix Designs, Asphalt Mix Designs and Mortar Mix Designs.

By Market Sector

DOWL provides a wide variety of services to private, public (federal, state and local) and indigenous services clients. Our services vary from planning through design to construction support. DOWL works with the following market sectors:

  • Aviation - full service planning and design for General Aviation to Part 139 airports and airport systems
  • Commercial Development - shopping malls, office buildings, retail and hotels
  • Corrections - prisons, jails and youth corrections facilities
  • Design/Build - full service civil engineering and related services; large transportation engineering projects
  • Education - K-12 schools and associated facilities (tracks, playgrounds and fields), university facilities and associated infrastructure
  • Energy - civil related development for oil and gas, alternative energy and coal clients
  • Entertainment and Cultural - civil and convention centers, libraries, museums, visitor attractions and zoos
  • Health and Safety - police, fire and public service facilities
  • Healthcare - small, local clinics to large, multi-million dollar hospital campuses
  • Infrastructure - airport, road, bridge, rail and port projects
  • Mining - development services for valuable minerals or geologic materials
  • Parks and Recreation - parks, playgrounds, fields, trails and other recreational facilities
  • Residential Infrastructure - large development communities and multi-family housing projects
  • Transportation - airport, road, bridge, rail, and port projects (all surface and facility design and planning services)
  • Utilities (Water/Wastewater)